About me

I am a Brazilian photographer and filmmaker based in New York City. Graduated in Marketing and Advertising in 2017, which laid the groundwork for my creative pursuits. My professional photographic journey started with high altitude expeditions photography coverage, with led me to my first assignment in 2019 for Forbes Magazine, profiling a renowned Brazilian mountain climber. This experience ignited my passion for capturing compelling narratives through imagery.

Transitioning from expedition photography, where I documented places like Mongolia and Nepal, I moved into filmmaking. This shift allowed me to collaborate with prominent brands such as Adidas, Redbull, Mc Donalds, Siemens and Sony PlayStation. In May 2023, I relocated to NYC to advance my education at the International Center of Photography (ICP), delving deeper into documentary photography.

I am deeply attracted to movement in my photos, seeking to capture the dynamism and energy of my stories and subjects. 
My work spans film and digital photography, encompassing documentary, fashion, and editorial projects, all driven by a strong narrative element. Fluent in Portuguese, English, and Spanish, I focus on engaging with communities, capturing bonds and shared experiences that unite individuals. 

As I look forward to graduating from ICP in May 2024, I remain committed to exploring and documenting the compelling stories.

Screen Grabs