Echoes of you N.02  (Personal  project)

Interview by Tatev Avetisyan

In the captivating film Echoes of You N.02, the Brazil-based director Lutz takes the viewer on an introspective journey of emotional exploration. Left with an aftertaste of a breakup that questions past affairs, the film skillfully delves into the complexity of human relationships and the struggle of letting go of memories. Deserted in a small room, where the sun falls into the light/shadow game, the main protagonist struggles to burn the last memory of his past relationship. As he brings the lighter closer to the photograph of her, her voice says, "This is not the first time I die." With its visually striking aesthetics and poetic storytelling, Echoes of You N.02 depicts the haunting presence of the ex-girlfriend's voice as a constant reminder of the past. 

In conversation with Lutz, we discover the personal story that inspired him to draft the brief, creative process behind the production and get a glimpse into Lutz's recent AI-inspired photography project.

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The Baptism - 1st  film made with GEN-1

One of the first AI shorts.

This is a short video made with GEN-1.
It complements a series of photos of a project called "The Baptism".

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Adidas X SPFC Ft. Fabio Brazza

Adidas and SPFC’s new jersey announcement

Commercial work for Adidas and SPFC featuring Fabio Brazza and major players.

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Playstation - Horizon Forbidden West -  Zerando a cidade


IGN Brazil’s Article (translated and quoted)

“PlayStation announced yesterday (5) the new campaign 'Conquering the City', an initiative to promote Horizon Forbidden West, which was released on February 18, 2022. In the video, it's possible to see the protagonist Aloy outside of the virtual world, as she now explores the city of São Paulo and climbs the memorable Martinelli Building.”

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HÉLI - Ela quer Ficar (Shot on Iphone by Apple)

Music Video shot on Iphone 13

Videoclip for artist Héli's debut on his solo career, this project was put together by PRDP production team and had Apple Brazil’s support on providing the new released Iphone for filming it and putting the device to test. 
Having the device gave the team the possibility to reach places cameras and crew would encounter difficulties reaching, rigging and operating.

Petita Maleita (Documentary short)

The last resident of a ghost town.

This short documentary film made in Brazil explores the life of Petita, a 83 years old woman who’s the last habitant of a no-named city in the state of Parana. 
The film uses snippets of her voice over to create metaphors and visual comparisons.